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  • How should I install the camera?

    The recommended height for camera installation is between 7-33ft (2-10 meters). In order to achieve optimal visibility, please place the camera at the recommended height.

  • What is the recommended position for solar panel installation?

    Because the solar panel includes a 360 degree rotatable mount and compass, which can be adjusted according to the location of the installed solar panel, it can installed at any position and adjusted for optimum solar absorption.

  • How do I set up the camera? Do I need to download the App?

    The box includes an outdoor installation mount set and three self-tapping screws. Make sure to secure the mounting bracket to the location that you would like to place the camera. Then, connect the screw hole behind the camera and screw it into the mounting bracket. Tighten it until it is snug. Please download the AIOTO GO APP and register before you activate the camera so you will be able to fully enjoy your device.

Internet Connection

  • How do I connect AIOTO GO to the internet?

    AIOTO GO needs to be connected to the internet via 4G-LTE, and can only be used when the SIM card has enough mobile data available.

  • Can AIOTO GO be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi instead of a SIM card?

    AIOTO GO cannot be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.AIOTO GO needs to be connected to the internet via 4G-LTE and can only be used when the SIM card has enough mobile data available.

  • How much mobile data will AIOTO GO use?

    Pictures and videos that are of a higher quality will use up more data.If left on the default setting, 500MB of data will typically record approximately 30 minutes of video or 5600 pictures.

  • Would you support any other wireless communication protocol (such as Wi-Fi) or a wired communication protocol (such as PoE, RJ45, etc.)?

    Our device is only supported by 4G-LTE wireless communication.The device does not support any other communication protocol.

  • Does each device have to be installed using individual SIM cards? Can all of the devices share one gateway?

    Due to the camera only being able to support 4G-LTE wireless communication, it will not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi that is provided from a gateway or a wired communication protocol.

  • How much mobile data will each image consume?

    The size of the image varies depending on the pixel quality. For example, FHD is approximately 90KB.

  • What options exist for recovery when the internet is offline or has a file transfer failure?

    When offline, the device will make continuous attempts to reconnect to the internet until it is connected.


  • How long can the battery last on one charge?

    Typically, a fully charged camera can last for two months. In our tests, at 68°F (20°C), with 30 motion detections a day, it was able to last for sixty days with standby power consumption included. However, battery life varies and depends on a number of factors such as the number of motion detections occurring, recording time, and environment temperature.

  • Can I replace the battery? How could it be repaired, if needed?

    The battery cannot be replaced. The battery is built into the camera, allowing for larger capacity and better weather resistance. We do provide a one year warranty on your camera which covers the battery. We will also support battery repair/replacement which will be at a reasonable price, if the camera is out of its warranty period.

  • Besides battery power, does the device support a wired power option?

    The battery can be charged by connecting to a Power Adaptor.

  • Is the battery able to charge while in use?

    The camera will still function while it is charging.

  • What is the battery life and capacity? Is it weather resistant (regarding environmental temperature changes)?

    The battery capacity is 6400mAh. Like many batteries, it will have its optimal life if kept between -20 to 60℃ (-4 to 140F).
    If you have any issues, our one year limited warranty does cover battery malfunction.

  • Can I replace the battery by myself?

    Due to the device’s water resistance quality, we do not recommend that you attempt to replace the battery yourself.

  • Can the camera be charged via a USB connection?

    Yes. By connecting to a USB, the camera can maintain its operational ability while also charging its battery.

  • What is the battery’s brand and where was it manufactured?

    The device is an LG battery which was made in Taiwan.

  • Is the battery also under warranty? And for how long?

    We offer a one year warranty that covers the battery.


  • Where will the file be stored? Do I need to have a DVR or NVR type of host to store the file?

    The files will be stored on the SD card or can be downloaded to your phone via the 4G network. No DVR/NVR is needed.

  • Up to what capacity micro SD card is supported?

    You can use up to a 64GB micro SD card.

  • Will AIOTO GO continue to record when the micro SD card is at full capacity?

    AIOTO Go is equipped with a loop recording function. The earliest files will always be overwritten by new ones if the SD card capacity is full.

  • How does AIOTO GO store the video?

    It will show the videos or pictures for 30 days and pre-scheduled event videos or pictures, which you are able to adjust yourself in the settings. You can watch event videos or pictures via our app. Once you have seen them, it will be stored in an album on the app or within the mobile album.
    The SD card will also store a copy of any event, pre-scheduled video, or picture.

Motion Detection & Notification

  • What is the PIR sensor?

    The PIR sensor (passive infrared sensor) is used to detect motion. The AIOTO GO PIR sensor with a 90° detection angle can discover movements up to 33 feet far away.
    You can adjust the PIR sensitivity from within the app’s setting function.

  • How will I be notified when PIR is detected?

    Our app will send you a notification when AIOTO GO detects any motion whether it be a human, vehicle, or an animal. You can preview a snapshot before deciding if you would like to watch or download the full video or picture.
    You can turn on/off PIR notifications from within the app’s settings at any time. If you choose to turn off notifications, video and images will still be recorded and viewable within your event history for 30 days.
    Additionally, you can set up your notifications to alert you for any particular objects you would like to detect (such as a human/vehicle/animal).

  • How long will the camera record when motion is detected? And if there's still movement, will it immediately start recording again?

    The camera records once motion is detected until the motion stops or reaches the maximum recording time, whichever occurs first. The maximum recording time is configurable from 5 seconds to 15 seconds.
    The camera will start recording immediately if movement continues after the most recent recording.

  • How quickly can the camera detect motion and start recording?

    The system is able to detect motion with body heat immediately and starts recording within 0.5 seconds.

  • What’s the range of the motion detector sensor?

    Depending on the height and angle, the sensor can detect moving objects as far as 25-30ft (8-10m) away.

  • Is the system able to set up “detection zones”?

    Yes. With our AIOTO Go App, you can customize your detection zones.

  • Does the camera include built-in footlights and a siren?

    Yes. The camera has both built-in footlights and a siren. In addition to the PIR sensor, the device can also easily detect if it has been moved or touched via a G-sensor and it will activate the siren, notifying the user immediately.

Image & Recording

  • Does the system offer a 24/7 recording option?

    No. The camera is powered by a battery and thus this would not be efficient for its battery life. We’ve designed AIOTO GO to offer a solid balance between a sustained battery life and live event capture. With motion detection, human detection, and face recognition, the system can detect and capture most important events and eliminate unnecessary alerts, such as passing cars and small animals. This increases efficiency while reducing intrusive alerts.

  • What can I do to troubleshoot the camera if an error occurs? For example, if it won’t turn on, it stops operating, the image changes colors, or an image becomes out of shape?

    If the device is not operating normally, please try to hold the start button for 5-6 seconds and then release it in order to reset the device to its default settings. If the device can’t be turned on, please connect it to an external power supply.

  • Does the camera’s settings allow adjustments to its focus, auto zoom, or distance?

    The device allows for adjustment of the digital focus but does not have an auto zoom function. During the daytime, there is no shooting distance limit but at night it does have a shooting limit of up to 25 feet (8 meters).

  • Does the camera come with an LED status indicator? If so, what is the meaning of each indicator?

    The camera does come with an LED status indicator; please refer to the details below.

  • What is the minimum level that activates the Lux illumination, and the camera begins to use infrared photography?

    The infrared photography will start and activate night vision when the minimum illumination is below 0.5 Lux.

  • What is the size of the image sensor chip and the brand?

    We use a Sony image sensor chip and the size is type 1/2.8.

  • Is it capable of real-time streaming?

    Yes, the device is supported as a real-time streaming service.

AI Detection

  • Will the camera detect cars and animals?

    In most cases, the camera can capture motion from both cars and animals. When the Motion Sensor (PIR sensor) detects motion and heat from a moving object, it triggers the camera to start recording. According to our research, a car’s exhaust or the body heat emitted by many animals is usually around 97.7°F (36.5°C) or higher, which can trigger the camera and their motion will be captured. Users can choose to exclude cars or animals from detection by changing the “AI Detection” option to “Humans Only”, so unwanted recordings and notifications can be reduced.

  • How do I setup AI detection?

    You can adjust motion detection, with motion zones and objects, by clicking on the AI detection setting within the app.

  • What kind of object can be detected by AI?

    The camera can detect humans, cars and animals. You are also able to select specific and multiple options.

  • How do I set up the motion detection zone?

    By clicking on the little dots in the four corners, you can draw and specify your chosen area for motion detection in the camera view. The system gives more customization options by letting you draw up to three areas in the camera view that will detect motion. You can set up a different motion detection object in each area.


  • Is AIOTO GO easy to steal?

    The system comes with a screw-mounted base. We recommend that you install the camera by using the screw-mounted base for security. The anti-theft function will be triggered if the camera is moved without disarming it first, and the siren on the camera will go off.

  • Can I use the camera if the temperature outside is too hot or cold?

    Yes. The camera is operational outdoors at temperatures ranging from -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C).

  • What’s the system requirement for the AIOTO App?

    The app is available for Android 9 or above and iOS 12 or above.

  • Under what weather conditions can the camera be used?

    The camera has passed the IP65 water/ dust proof specification, which is designed for long-term outdoor usage. Unlike Wi-Fi, 4G connection has much better reception and has a stable 4G network service.

  • What comes in the package?

    The box includes: 1* camera, 1* outdoor installing bracket, 1* charger, 1* Micro USB cable, 1* set of screw-mounted, and an installation manual.

After-Sales Service

  • How long is the warranty period? Are accessories under warranty?

    The warranty is limited to one year and covers the device and in-package accessories but it does not cover misuse of the product.

  • What is the repair process and how long will it take?

    If you are experiencing an issue that needs repair, please fill out the repair application form and send the product to AIOTO. After confirming the warranty conditions, the product will be repaired and returned to you. Time of repairs will depend on the severity of the damage, but in most cases, it will take approximately two weeks.
    If the product is out of warranty, we will still offer to repair your device but we will quote you the price of repair.